History of ICHIKYU


ICHIKYU MISO JOZO CO., LTD. is a company that produces miso, a traditional Japanese seasoning.

The company was founded in 1914 by the first representative, Kojiro Shikata, as ICHIKYU KANTOYA MISO HONPO.

In 1948, the company was reorganized as ICHIKYU MISO JOZO CO., LTD. and we have been working hard to manufacture and sell miso ever since.

Making Miso for a Century

ICHIKYU MISO has been used in school lunches for many years in Japan, and even now, more than 60 years later, continues to contribute to the health and nutritional education of local children.

We celebrated our 100th anniversary in 2014. We will continue to strive to deliver safe and secure miso to our customers with its unchanging taste.

ICHIKYU MISO in Thailand

Ichikyu Food Factory since 1985 started from a small family SMEs.

In 1991, the company established a miso manufacturing plant in Thailand and exported miso to Japan, but now mainly sells miso in Thailand.

Our factory maintains food and workplace hygiene with high technology equipment‘s while preserving the traditional taste that has been handed down for over 100 years.

  • 87 Moo. 13, Wangkata Sub-District, Pakchong District Nakhonratchasima Province 30130
  • +66 81 955 5606
  • panya@ichikyufoodthailand.com

What is miso?

Miso is a fermented food made from grains such as soybeans, rice or barley, mixed with salt and koji (Aspergilus oryzae: a spore used for fermentation in Japan).

It can be classified into rice miso, soybean miso, wheat miso, depending on the koji-inoculated grain used, and mixed miso, which is a mixture of these miso.

It can also be classified by color and flavor, which vary depending on the local characteristics and climate.

We primarily produces rice miso, and we can offer a variety of flavors, from sweet to salty.We also manufacture originally blended miso to meet our customers’ requests.

We hope you will use it in your store.

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Miso recipe

Here are some recipes using Ichiku’s miso.

with Saikyo Pickling Seasoning(Miso)

with Dengaku Miso