Konjac with Dengaku Miso

Ingredients (about 2 to 3 servings)

  • One slice konjac
  • Dengaku miso (soybean paste) … desired amount

How to cook

  1. Cut konjac into bite-size pieces and skewer. Make a shallow diagonal slit on one side. Boil konjac in hot water for 3 minutes and drain.
  2. Arrange konjac on a plate and pour Dengaku miso over the konjac. (Adjust the amount of miso to taste.)

Dengaku Miso

Ichikyu’s original Dengaku miso is made from a base of astringent Akadashi miso.

Dengaku miso is a seasoning that goes well with a variety of foods such as tofu, vegetables, and konjac.

Try it as seasoning with grilled eggplant, oden, tofu, or konjac.